Tree Photographs

Canadian photographer located in Victoria British Columbia.

Work in acrylics,oils,constructed abstract art and digital media and photography.

Individual works can be supplied either on canvas or on archival paper.


Prices on request.


 Some years ago, I realized that in the silence of the forest I often felt more at ease with myself than in the bustle of city and my own interconnectedness to the forest and to all beings became clearer to me. Trees can be quite different one from another, even within the same species, and as they mature they each acquire their own personality. One might be elegant, another robust; one might reach to the sky another enjoy the comfort of the group. There can be a profound silence in the forest (especially in winter,) and from that silence there emerges a variety of sounds - the wind, creaking branches, birds, and small creatures that teach our ears to listen. Looking at tree trunks, becoming sensitive to shape, colour, and texture, trains ones visual senses. Exploring the forest floor with the texture of decay reminds one of the impermanence of all life. From the experience of walking in the forest I have learned from all trees; not only those in the forest but those that stand patiently and often unnoticed in the city.

Cedar Trunk-Guelph Ont.
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