Terence Marner’s stunning images represent a lifetime as an abstract artist and world pioneer in digital art.

 Educated at Newcastle University School of Fine Art identified by the British Royal Academy in 2019 as one of the "eight art schools that changed the world" Marner studied painting with world renowned artists Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton, Art History with Lawrence Gowing and Quentin Bell.

Later, at the London Film School Marner studied film directing with outstanding directors Charles Chrichton and Mike Leigh.

Terence Marner is Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and also was Adjunct Professor at New York University, New York.

Marner is  presently an Artist- in- Residence in the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria B.C. Canada.

He has pursued an active career as artist and filmmaker with consistent record of exhibitions and film production with credits from the National Film Board of Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

His books "Directing Motion Pictures" and "Film Design" are standard texts and have been published in six languages. The Italian edition contains a Forward by Sir Ridley Scott.

Marner’s work reveals a consistent concern with the basic elements of non-representational form and their interplay with found organic objects that have strong associations with the shoreline of his childhood.

Since the advent of digital technologies in the 1970’s he has explored them as a means of bringing together the many strands of his personal creativity. His first digital images were produced in New York in 1984 placing Marner as one of the world pioneers in digital art.

Marner has shown in galleries around the world since his first solo show at the Drian Gallery, London in 1960. His photograph "FlightAC 109" was on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris July 2015 as part of the worldwide "Exposure Awards" exhibition.

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