Artist Statement

My work is a journey into the realms of abstraction, texture, and contrast. Through the interplay of organic shapes, bold colors, and tactile patterns, I strive to create compositions that capture and hold the viewer's attention, inviting a deeper engagement with the visual and sensory elements of the piece.

In my art, I explore the fusion of the natural and the abstract, finding inspiration in the forms and textures of the world around us-especially the forms and feeling of the coast and beach. Whether through the smooth gradients and glossy finishes of certain pieces or the rough, gritty textures of others, my aim is to evoke a sensory experience that transcends literal representation. Each work is framed and structured with deliberate care, presenting a contained, dynamic composition that guides the viewer's eye and creates a sense of movement and narrative within the image.

The bold use of contrast, particularly with striking colors like red against neutral or dark backgrounds, is central to my work. This approach not only enhances visual impact but also emphasizes key focal points, creating a dialogue between the different elements within the composition.

My art is about more than what is seen; it is about what is felt. It is an invitation to explore the tactile qualities of texture, the rhythm of patterns, and the emotional resonance of bold contrasts. Through this exploration, I seek to bridge the gap between the tangible and the abstract, the natural and the artistic, creating works that speak to both the eye and the soul.

In every piece, my intention is to create a space where viewers can pause, reflect, and connect with the deeper layers of visual and sensory experience. My art is a celebration of form, texture, and color, and an invitation to see beyond the surface, into the rich, dynamic world of abstraction.

Since the advent of digital technologies in the 1970’s I have explored them as a means of bringing together the many strands of my personal creativity. My first digital images were produced in New York in 1984 placing me as one of the world pioneers in digital art.

I have shown in galleries around the world since his first solo show at the Drian Gallery, London in 1960. My photograph "FlightAC 109" was on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris July 2015 as part of the worldwide "Exposure Awards" exhibition.

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