A Path Through Trees

Canadian photographer located in Victoria British Columbia.

Work in acrylics,oils,constructed abstract art and digital media and photography

Individual works can be supplied either on canvas or on archival paper.


Prices on request.


An analysis of a visual journey through the forest environment.


A Path Through Trees




“A tree can tell us much in the language of its form, texture, age, and colour and in the way it presents itself as an individual.

 But in this expression of itself it is also showing us the secrets of our own souls, for there is no absolute separation between

 the world's soul and our own. We are truly the world, and the world is us.

                                                                                                                              Thomas Moore




The bluebell woods of childhood are now a distant memory, yet walking through the forest or just being among trees remains a

great  pleasure. 


In mature years, the path through the forest has become part of my spiritual journey and I am struck by the words of Thomas

Moore when he suggests that in the forest we can “learn the secrets of our own soul”.  I would also add “Light” and “Skin”

to “Form, Texture, Age, and Colour,” as being  additional elements in our experience of the forest, and I have arranged the images around these themes.


Whether Moore’s words be true or not, I have always found the forest to be a very healing place, and in many respects a spiritual “sanctuary”. Walking silently along the forest trail, one can feel the stress of life dissolving. Over time, as the sense of one’s interconnectedness with the life contained in the forest deepens, one can become more aware of that part of one’s being beyond self, which can perhaps, only be revealed in silence.


I hope these images will inspire others to go to the forest and find their “inner light” along “the path through trees.”